We are a successful business considered as an Australian leader in its class. To this day no one else is doing what we are on a national or global scale and with our service levels.

Our teams work with the best in the business. We have a stringent recruitment process so we acquire fantastically talented individuals who can inspire and create more value for our customers.

We consistently defy the stereotype of home care insurance, and people are regularly impressed by our professional, gracious, can-do attitude. This has led to My Practical Support delivering industry challenging projects in partnerships with major brands. These projects start out as a spark and quickly gather pace, with everyone playing a part. This type of pioneering spirit engenders a great deal of pride and encourages further industry barriers to be broken.

At the heart of our business, our core values stand for everything we do.
• Be the best
• Lead not follow
• Exceed expectations
• Functional and useful
• Service starts with yourself
• Helpfulness towards the sick
• Respect, honesty, generosity

Above all these values are genuine and not a tick in the box exercise - with so many people from so many different backgrounds, doing so many different jobs and delivering so much - we can't all be identical and delivery is about allowing you to stay in control. We feel that our values form a common language and everything else slots together nicely. We are a multi-national and therefore multi-cultural company, and are extremely proud of our diversity. It is our policy to provide equal opportunities for everyone regardless of their gender, marital status, religion or belief, ethnic, cultural or national origins, disability, sexual orientation, age or any other condition that cannot be shown to be reasonable.

"My Practical Support has a core of creativity and talent; you always have to collaborate so closely with so many other teams which makes you appreciate and respect others people's work and often are amazed and excited by members ideas. Listening and acting on ideas gives us the greatest results" Employee-survey interview quote.

We are a truly innovative business, and when it comes to technology our answer has always been to develop bespoke solutions rather than to buy 'off the shelf'. Our IT team are constantly pushing new ideas through to keep My Practical Support at the forefront of insurance and the digital domain moreover we thrive on setting the standard by which others follow.