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The My Practical Support company created a unique product for the Australian market that has been four (4) years in research and development. My Practical Support is a business originally established in March 2004, that provides products and our in-home services assists with daily common household tasks.

My Practical Support brand continues to assist thousands of people and families with paid service offerings, and same day dispatch of products from the My Practical Support shop.

My Practical Support's Taskers can advertise their skills and services, and you get to pick and choose who you feel comfortable to look after your family and home - any time, any day. It is a place where people and families can post job opportunities and make contact with Taskers for free.

My Practical Support online shopping experience, has exclusive ranges and well known trusted brands where our members and customers can purchase a beautiful selection of products we think you will love. Yes, it matters. Our innovative website, supported by international cutting-edge technology, offers our savvy customers exactly what they want; a full suite of practical solutions to support them through their medical journey.

Nobody deserves a holiday more. Good things really do come in small packages. Things like holidays are important to help you relax and recover or our wishing well can help assist to fly your loved one to you.

Family and friends may empathise with your anxiety, and lack of energy during in your medical journey and wish there was something more they could do to make you feel better. My Practical Support has available a 'Wishing Well' gift registry for people who do not have insurance or enough insurance. Create events, then select products such as creams and vitamins, as well as practical home needs, such as babysitting, over night nannies, cleaning, gardening and pet care. Send beautiful invitations through My Practical Support Wishing Well and your loved ones can to contribute through your 'Gift Registry' where you can view through 'Your Contribution Register' offerings to support you and your family during this terrible time, and remind you that they will always be there to give you friendship, support, a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold.

Our magazine, My Practical Support, features heartfelt personalised stories, and it is updated monthly with new Tasker availabilities, products that will fabulously solve your home dilemmas, and the surprise ingredient that makes one gift registry idea magical.


Want a TaskerToday: This is the best place for people to oursource tasks. Start telling us about your task, set your budget, then select your favourite Tasker.

Detail profiles and reviews will help you short list your favourite Tasker for your task. Confirm your chosen Tasker to do ongoing work or one off jobs.

Payments are held security, when your task is complete, just release the payment. Leave a review to increase your points and attract more future Taskers. There's no obligation to hire.

Post your Task

Tell us what you need to be done. It's FREE to post a job.

Review offers

Get offers from trusted Taskers and view profiles.

Get those tasks done

Choose the right person for your task and get it done.

To obtain our buyers guarantee Tasks must be completed and paid via the My Practical Support platform to be eligible for the coverage subject to our terms and conditions. Any tasks paid via alternative means (including cash in hand) will not be covered. The policy does not cover tasks that require the service provider (Tasker) to have a particular license or qualification as they are required to carry their own insurance (e.g. tradespeople, electricians, plumbers etc). For tasks that require these qualifications, Job Posters (You) should check directly with the Tasker that they have the necessary insurance before accepting an offer. You can request a Certifice of Cover from the Tasker or click to verify from their profile.

My Practical Support also enables our members and other customers to obtain required support, assistance and tasks through accessing professional domestic type services and maintenance at the home. For example help with cleaning, mowing, babysitting, food preparation, minor works and maintenance around the home etc. (as opposed to specialist medical and nursing care).

My Practical Support shop has a selection of beautiful products, and trusted brands that we think you will love, such as beauty products (cosmetics, hair, skin, nails, pampering), baby products, pet products, health products (vitamins, sun protection, specialty).

My Practical Support also offers a Gift Registry (“Wishing Well”) on its website for people that do not have insurance or do not have sufficient insurance and may have limited means to spend on required practical support. Beautiful digital format invitations can be sent to your invitees, family, friends and colleagues linked directly to Your Contribution Register. Alternatively, My Practical Support shop also allows family, friends and colleagues to book Taskers and purchase products, that may be of benefit to or appreciated by people diagnosed with serious medical conditions, with free shipping and same day dispatch to your loved ones address.


A Tasker is a person who may be qualified or have soft skills to complete the tasks that you require. Our registered Taskers are Individuals, entities such as sole traders and partners that provide domestic type services and maintenance to consumers on a professional basis. We have new Taskers registering every day.

Taskers can choose the tasks that they would like to complete for the people that they’re happy to work with. By working with you they maintain control of their own schedule by creating a flexible work-life balance.


Secure Payments

We hold task payments secure with our PCI-DSS complianct My Practical Support Pay for ongoing or one off jobs - so all kinds of task can be completed with peace of mind knowing your payment is there when you're done.

Buyer Guarantee

Check your favourite Tasker's profile to see their insurance Certifice of Currency for trades and qualified Taskers who are required to hold insurance, and many other features such as childcare blue and white cards, transport, smoking and non-smoking status and many more features. You will get to know a lot about your Tasker before you meet them. We also allow you to call from My Practical Support portal to arrange the details with the Tasker before they come to you.

Symbols and Badges

When posting your job you can specify Taskers have certain criteria. Then at a glance you can see your preferred features - Badges and Symbols and the Taskers that meet your criteria will show first, followed by geographic radius - the Taskers that are closest to you and are immediately availble. Our tasker enginer is run by TaskerToday a My Practical Support group of companies.


You can search for Taskers at any stage when on the My Practical Support site.

To book and communicate with your shortlisted Taskers you will need to register as a member, yes can you call and communicate with them via our website or app. Our buyer guarantee is only covered with payments through our system. Any cash payments off My Practical Support site will void the buyer guarantee and not be covered by our insurance, credit or loyality programs. Once you have chosen your favourite Tasker, may a secure payment that will be held until you authorise the release of payment. Both you and the Tasker will receive a confirmation of payment. That Task will then be recorded as complete.

For ongoing jobs you can set up a direct debit with the agreed amount each Task completed will need authorisation for release of payment.

To find Taskers in your local area begin by entering your postcode in the “Find Taskers” search box. The result of the search will then show the full profiles of every Tasker type in your area. Taskers will also respond to your job post.

Select your favourite Tasker, confirming your booking. and in the message of the booking confirm any additional agreed requirements. Posting a job is quick and simple. Once posted and online it is seen by a wide range of Taskers who are looking for work. Taskers are not given your personal or contact details. You can ring them from the My Practical Support portal. They just see there is a particular type of job in a particular postcode. For example a cleaning job in postcode 4000. You may shortlist any or all Taskers that show interest in the job and contact them at your discretion before awarding the job to the Tasker that best meets your requirements or you feel most comfortable with.

Your jobs are automatically saved for your convenience on one off or for recurring jobs. Your saved Taskers will remain until you delete them. A job post is FREE - start getting thoses tasks done with TaskerToday brought to you by My Practical Support.


A coupon can be redeemed when accepting an offer.

You'll need to key in the coupon code and apply it to the task before before clicking Book Service.

For My Practical Support shop key in the coupon code prior to the Point of Payment at the check out.


You'll see the Taskers qualifications, age, experience, skills, hourly rates, or agreed job rate and confirmation of any first aid qualifications, police checks and insurance certificates. You will probably know more about your Tasker on My Practical Support than you know about providers you've used before, giving you peace of mind.

Symbols and Badges

When posting your job you can specify Taskers have certain criteria. Then at a glance you can see your preferred features - Badges and Symbols and the Taskers that meet your criteria will show first, followed by geographic radius - the Taskers that are closest to you and are immediately available. Our tasker engine is run by TaskerToday a My Practical Support group of companies.


My Practical Support is not an agency. It is a service job site offering your local community connection to Taskers that provide and deliver tasks and services. Whatever it is that you need done - mark that to do list off, breath easy that another pressing task has been completed. Taskers are required to provide certain information to register on our platform, that meets our buyer guarantee policy, and seller protection policy. It is up to you to pick and choose your preferred Tasker and make bookings and authorise payment after the task is completed. It is free to post a job and confirm the booking. There are resources you can use and if considered necessary, you should conduct your own checks before awarding jobs or allowing Taskers and tradespeople into your Home. Please read our Terms of Use for more information.


As the job poster you can set your budget or choose Taskers that fit within your spend limit. Taskers advertised hourly rates or fixed rates are displayed on My Practical Support portal. Rates vary according to Taskers experience, the duties required and your location.

You are free to negotiate rates and discuss the job with the Tasker by calling through the My Practical Support portal or app regardless whether you are a requiring a one off job or an ongoing job. If there is a change in rate this can be discussed directly with the Tasker.

If you are an active job poster, rates may still be negotiated but once the Tasker confirms the work has been done, an invoice will automatically be generated by My Practical Support, and you will be required to authorise the payment to the Tasker through the My Practical Support portal or app. Once the payment has been authorised that job will be marked as completed.


There's no obligation to hire. There are Taskers registering every day, and we believe there is a very good chance you will find the right Tasker for your task! My Practical Support has a very large database of available Taskers waiting to work and help you, powered by TaskerToday. We cannot guarantee that there will be a Tasker that can immediately fulfil your exact needs (particularly if it involves unusual hours or very short notice). If you are having trouble finding a Tasker please contact us asap and we'll do our best to help. We may be able to source a Tasker for you and add them to our database for future job opportunities.


The Tasker has acknowledged the need to promptly service My Practical Support’s customers and ensure all business is transacted smoothly and cohesively. The Tasker’s usual timeframes, standards and terms of business will apply regarding the processing of Orders provided they meet or exceed the following minimum expectations:

1. All Orders are preferably immediately acknowledged but at the latest within 24 hours of placement.
2. Appointments should be arranged or confirmed within 3 business days of the job being posted.
3. Within 24 hours but preferably immediately, customers should be informed if service may be delayed for any reason. Customers should be given the option of waiting for the delay to end or placing an alternative Order.
4. Any refund request is processed via your My Practical Support members area within 5 business days and any amount refunded must be processed via the original payment method used to purchase the Product(s).


As per the contractual terms agreed with Taskers registered with My Practical Support, the Tasker has warranted that:
• all advertised products, goods and services will match the advertised description and be available in the manner, at the price and for the time period advertised.
• the products, goods and services will be of good quality, design, material and workmanship.
• the products, goods and services will be suitable for their intended purpose.
• no injurious, deleterious or toxic substances will be used in or on the products, goods and services.
• the products, goods and services will not cause harm when used as instructed and with ordinary care for their intended purpose.
• the products, goods and services will be manufactured, sold and distributed in strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
• it adheres to applicable consumer legislation and has a compliant and appropriate dispute, returns and refund policy pursuant to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

You should be aware that the Tasker will process any refund via the original payment method used to purchase the products, goods and services. A cash refund will not be provided.


Australia has a strong regime to fight money laundering and terrorism financing.

"Domestic regulation - The AML/CTF Act provides the means to help detect and deter money laundering and terrorism financing. It imposes five key obligations on regulated businesses specifically customer due diligence—identifying and verifying the customer's identity, and ongoing monitoring of transactions record keeping—businesses are required to keep records of transactions, customer identification, electronic funds transfer instructions and details of AML/CTF programs. Businesses like ours must meet the minimum obligations set out in the AML/CTF Act and AML/CTF Rules. Obligations such as 'know your customer', transaction monitoring and ongoing customer due diligence are all designed to assist regulated businesses to identify suspicious matters and report them, regardless of their own perceptions of risk."

In order to comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) rule required under the financial regime as you can see there are strict regulations, that we must comply with. Our insurer Lloyds in conjunction with our payment gateway provider, routinely flags user accounts as requiring additional verification. You can learn more about ASIC KYC process here

If your account is under review, payments to your bank account have been halted until your identity has been verified. In the meanwhile, you'll still be able to set up and complete your profile. By uploading the documents required, within our requested timeframe, the process to completing the vertification will be shortened.

As soon as this is done you will be able to make offers and complete tasks and the funds you earn will continue to accumulate in your My Practical Support account.

In order to assist us verifying your identity, we need you to do the following:

Check your My Practical Support Profile has all the following details:

First Name

Last Name

Verified Mobile Number

Billing Address

Date of Birth

If any of these details are missing or incomplete, you can update them by going to your profile settings while logged in. Remember to hit the ‘save profile’ button if you update this information! Provide us with an image, or a scanned copy, of a form of government issued identification (for example a driver’s license or passport). This must clearly show your full name, and your date of birth and match your My Practical Support or TaskerToday Profile. You can upload these documents from the profile settings page of the application and from within your Profile. Please ensure that the details on your account match the details on the ID provided. We will notify you once your verification is complete and at that point we will resume releasing payments to your bank account.

Any discrepancies or concerns regarding a Tasker’s profile or service are followed up by My Practical Support’s staff.

There are standards of services and expectations to bring confidence and trust to our platform. Any negative experience and feedback will affect your account performance. Feedback is encouraged of our job poster site members and they will have opportunity to rate Taskers who have completed work and you the Tasker will be able to rate the job poster at the end of the job. Any disputes we encourge each of the parties to work together to resolve the matter.


When the task has been completed the Tasker is required to request payment by selecting the "Job Completed" button on the task page. An invoice will be raised from the Tasker and both of you will get notification. You will be prompted to release payment to the Tasker by selecting the ‘Pay Tasker’ button. You can manage your alerts under your profile's settings to include APP notifications that the Tasker has requested payment. This helps you to keep on top of task payments and allows you to release payments with ease.


Tasker invoices will identify if the Tasker charges GST or is GST free taxation purposes. Taskers are independent contractors, and they can set up an auto invoice at the point of requesting for payment when they press "Job Completed" button. If you require any additional information contact your assigned Tasker directly to coordinate any additional receipt/invoice requirement or queries that you might have.

For Taskers: Should you require information on payments made for Tasks or Task Fees, this information can be obtained from the Payments History tab in your account once logged in.


Select Shop Online here

tab on the home page or on the menu bar has direct links to the shop site. There you can begin selecting from a huge range of products. You are able to change the quantity or the product, or if you have just remembered "I need" resume shopping at any point: when reviewing your list and prior to check out.

If you wish to shop for another person complete deliver to a different address and our warehouse will dispatch your order the same day. Our repeat customers are rewarded with many benefits including getting closer to our inner circle, with fee shipping, same day dispatch, promotional items, readership of My Practical Support monthly magazine and much much more.

Here are a few things that we think are just great. My Practical Support product categories feature over 20,000 lines of the world’s most recognised brands such as Blooms, Thin Lizzy, Gaia, Johnson & Johnson, Schwarzkopf, Neutrogena, Cover Girl, Revlon, Oral B, Petsafe, Milbemax, Heartgard, Advantage and many more. Same day dispatch and for our repeat customers free shipping. You are assured of an exciting shopping experience.


My Practical Support "Wishing Well" is similar to a wedding "Gift Registry". If is for people that do not have insurance or do not have enough insurance and may have limited means to spend on required practical support.

Create an event, and begin selecting the products and services that you would like to have and that you to assist you and your family during this time. Send Beautiful digital format invitations to invitees, family, friends and colleagues.

You can see what each party has selected to purchased for you and that purchase is recorded in Your Contribution Register. Friends and family members can begin an event on your behalf at any time, most people are very grateful and can feel loved and appreciated when a gift of this nature arrives especially at a difficult time in life. Alternatively, friends, family and colleagues can book Taskers and purchase products through our shop with free shipping and same day dispatch directly to your address. Here there they are open to choosing what it is that they think you would like or appreciate.

Most people do want to help at this time but are not certain how, the Wishing Well - Your Gift Registry is an wonderful way to letting people in to support you and your family get through any medical journey.


Once the products have been purchased from one or more of your invitees our warehouse will dispatch it the same day. Each payment will trigger a packing slip to our warehouse to prepare and dispatch the products to you. In your "Contributions Register" you will be able to see and thank those who have responsed.

For Services: You will received a gift certificate with a coupon and amount. You will be able to redeem the coupon at any time by posting any task that you need to be done and selecting your favourite Tasker. You can access this service via a desk top computer or our App. By down loading our App your coupon will remain ready via your mobile phone.