The Company

My Practical Support is the producer and creator of practical support insurance that provides comprehensive support for people who have been diagnosed with a serious medical condition.

My Practical Support introduces Providers who advertise their skills and services, where you get to pick and choose who you feel comfortable with looking after your family and home. It is a place where families can post household needs through job opportunities and make contact with Providers, and purchase products we think you will love at My Practical Support shop online or over the counter at selected retail outlets.

Yes, it matters. Our innovative website, supported by international cutting-edge technology, offers our savvy customers exactly what you want a full suite of practical solutions to support you through your medical journey. Build your own policy, pick and choose your level of services, product and holiday packages.

Nobody deserves a holiday more. My Practical Supports Premium and Ultimate insurance packages shows that good things really do come in small (and holiday) packages...a cornucopia of essential benefits that help you overcome any hardship.

Family and friends know you must be feeling scared and anxious right now and wish there was something more they could do to make you feel better. My Wishing Well gives you the opportunity to create events, upload bills due as well as practical home needs, such as babysitting, cleaning and pet care. Sending beautiful invitations through My Practical Support Gift Registry enables your invitees to contribute through Your Contribution Register offerings to support you and your family during this terrible time. Just remember they will always be there to give you support, friendship, shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold.

The pages of My Practical Support magazine feature heartfelt personalised stories, updated weekly with new Provider availabilities, products that will make you feel better and household dilemmas fabulously, and the surprise ingredient that makes one gift registry idea magical.


My Practical Support Services Pty Ltd
1569 Wynnum Road
Tingalpa Queensland 4173
Company number 108 515 359. Registered in Australia.