1. FAQ's for Providers or Provider seeking household jobs

With a variety of providers and provider nationwide, My Practical Support and Family Provider are here to help! For your convenience, we have listed some of the more frequently asked questions to help you get instant answers. If you still have questions, our Customer Service team is always ready to help and can be reached at any time via-contact us we will attempt to reply to queries within 48 – 72 hours.

2. What are My Practical Support and Service Providers about?

It is an online introduction site for providers and families. An easy way for you to meet families and find work! It offers a detailed directory of the providers and services in different suburbs. Families can send email or SMS requests out to selected providers on the site, then interview and select them. There are also job-postings online at My Practical Support, so you can choose your own job too!

3. Is it free to register?

Yes! It is free for providers, providers and relief managers to register.

4. Once I have registered, how do I get work?

There are two ways to get work. Firstly, families will send emails messages directly to you offering work. You simply check your email and mobile phone regularly for messages from My Practical Support families. Then you reply directly to the families and set up a time to interview, each other over the phone or in person. Secondly you can apply for any of the jobs posted online at My Practical Support and My Practical Support. So you have two ways of gaining work!

5. What requirements are there for this type of work?

Most families are looking for services and providers who possess experience, are trustworthy, reliable, consistent and responsible. We strongly recommend that you get a police check and make references and documentation available for the families. Here are some interview guidelines to help you prepare! We also ask that you check your email and mobile phone regularly and update your profile to ensure you get the right requests for your needs! We ask that you reply to every email request, whether it is a yes or no.

6. How often should I log in to the site?

The more often you log in the more likely you are to get work! The people who have logged in most recently are listed first in their suburb. We recommend that you visit your profile and update it on a weekly basis. Every profile as a line showing when it was last updated - so families are more likely to contact providers who have updated their profiles with in the last week. You can also upgrade your listing to a guaranteed top spot to improve your opportunities for work.

7. How do I set my hourly rate?

You set your own rates on your profile, based on your qualifications, skills and experience. Rates may also vary according to the duties required and the location of the job. During the day expect to earn between $15 per hour (few responsibilities) to over $90 per hour (or more for experienced licensed trades). Conduct a trial search of providers and providers on the site to see a range of the 'going rates' in your suburb. Your hourly rate quoted online should be 'gross' - it should include your tax

8. What sort of work is available?

We have new families joining every day with different needs. There is a very high demand for last minute, urgent day and weekend providers, so please consider this! You will be popular if you can do this! There is steady demand for casual providers and providers and occasional jobs. We also have some families looking for full-time providers.

9. I am only free certain days or nights. How do I organise these hours?

It is easy. Just set your profile to show the days or hours you are available to work. When your days or times change, just log in and change your availability. Simple as that!

10. How can I change the details on my profile (ie if I want to change my availability)?

Just log onto the site, once registered this will open your account page. Then click 'edit', alter the relevant fields, then click 'save'.

11. My profile is 'hidden' - what does this mean?

If your status is 'hidden' it means that your profile will not be seen by families on the site, even though you are a member of My Practical Support. You may like to be 'hidden' when you are on holidays or if you don't want any more work. Simply click on the "hide from searches" link on your Account page. Then when you are ready to find work again, you simply re-set your profile to make yourself 'active' visible again!

12. What is a "Registered or Licensed“ provider or trade?

This is when you are "registered" with the Australian Taxation Office for an Australian Business Number (ABN) number. Some families may be able to claim a benefit such as GST if they use 'registered providers'. You register through the Australian Taxation Office and must meet certain requirements (be 18+, have a Tax File Number, meet any licensing requirements in your state). For more information about applying for an ABN please contact Australian Business Register- ABR Home :

13. Why are my personal details kept confidential?

Your personal details (surname, address, phone, email) are never shown on the site. All emails are routed via the My Practical Support site so your personal email address and mobile number are not given out. When you apply for a job your contact details will be given to the family to contact you via email or your contact number. Until then, all communication goes through the My Practical Support and Property Providers site.

14. Can I choose to the specific job type I prefer to work in?

Yes. When registering you can select the job groups you prefer to work.

15. How do I get a police check?

Each state has its own legislation and method for obtaining a police check. See our police check page for more information. You will need to upload your current certificate with the expiry date. A reminder will be sent to you when the certificate is ready for renewal. It is a standard requirement to have current police check available when working for families with children.

16. Is this site for Providers or Families?

Both. Families can set their profiles to request urgent, last minute work or weekdays and weekends. Providers can set their profiles to request work for days, months or longer - whenever you are available to work.

17. What is the difference between a Provider and a Tradesperson?

A Provider is an experienced person who provides can provide skilled and unskilled services for a living, day and night. A Tradesperson often has some professional qualification and training. Some Providers will do evening or weekend work and may study or work in another profession.

18. What is housekeeping?

Housekeeping covers a range of duties for running a household. This may include light cleaning, washing, ironing and running errands. Some families ask for service providers who are willing and able to do housekeeping, provide product and equipment and have a vehicle - so we've added this as an option to your profile. You can say 'yes' or 'no' to these questions. It is completely up to you - we don't set any rules, we allow you to decide what works best. It is always good to borne in mind going the extra mile for your families will ensure strong working relations.

19. How do the ‘the ratings' work? How can I get positive ratings?

Families may write a brief comment about your work and give you a rating. Ratings often influence whether families contact you or not - so it is helpful to get lots of positive ratings! Good ratings are achieved by service providers and handyman who: 1) reply to requests in a timely manner, 2) keep profiles up-to-date 3) are great service providers, and 4) attend interviews. Negative ratings are often posted by families disappointed that providers or trades' profiles are inaccurate or when providers and trades don't reply to requests after being engaged. You will be notified if you receive a rating by a family. You can reply to the rating by logging onto your profile, going to the "My Ratings" section and clicking 'reply'. Read our Ratings System Information for more details. Ask My Practical Support and Property Providers families for a rating now if you haven't got one yet!

20. Why do I need insurance to register on this site?

It is very important that you look after yourself and your business. To ensure you are covered for any incidents that may occur you are required to have current insurance. You need to ask your insurance broker for a certificate of currency and load this on the site. The date of registration and expiry can then be keyed in to complete your profile registration. Families will not engage contractors that are not insured or registered in Australia. You will not be able to undertaken any insurance paid work without current insurance. If you do have any insurance coverage contact AON today! If you type no on your profile an AON representative will contact you about your insurance options.